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Trans formations

“I have dropped 1kg this week - so hopefully in a few weeks I will be down to my target weight. At this point I would be happy to maintain that weight and focus on building muscle“
“Alex is doing more for me than I could imagine. The fact that food is a friend right now is the biggest step forward and the fact I've lost weight on the food plan he gave me with carbs has flabbergasted me!“
“Working with Alex has seen me lose 6lbs in 1 week! I've never lost that much in a week ever. I've eaten everything he wrote in my plan and was surprised by how full I was. Also, sorry for the detail but I've also been on my menstrual cycle this week so that's literally crazy!“
"As a new mum, Alex is the absolute best to work with. He combined exercises to build up my strength and confidence from the core out, with a nutrition plan that adapted for breastfeeding and was mindful that, some days, you need to cheat when you haven’t slept.   I built mental and physical strength and stamina that got me ready for birth and and being a mum. I used the lessons and the programme for my second child, with some online check- in despite having moved away - so amazing value for money! Alex is also a really great babysitter so sessions were super fun too!"

Achieving your goals

My 3 pillars of success


If you are not motivated, then you will not succeed at anything. Motivation is paramount to success. I am there for you during the highs and also when things seem tough. Like a big annoying brother someone you can trust and who’s got your back!…


If you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, exercise will help! If you want to be in better shape, then you need to train. It can be that simple. I will use my extensive experience to create the training plan that matches the wishes you have…


Gone are the days where you need to restrict the food you eat to achieve the results you want. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Simple as that. I make individual diet plans that match your desires and goals…


What is OYM online coaching?

Regular chats and updates whenever needed through an easy and convenient chat system via my app. You’ll have me there for support and regular updates when needed

What’s more, I’ll also ensure you are reaching your micro-nutrient goal so whether male or female, vetruvian or post pregnancy, specific nutrients designed to keep you healthy as well as in shape and feeling your best

Allergies? Diet Preferences? Dislikes? No worries. Tailored nutrition designed around you with a customised recipe guide & huge selection of meals, you’ll never get bored. Welcome to real world nutrition

Highly bespoke workout and fitness plans customised around experience, time, injuries and many other detailed factors, workouts that lift weights and spirits

Not only will we focus on your physical being but also your wellbeing as a whole. Focusing on energy, vitality, confidence and positivity

You’ll have me available when needed via a dedicated chat system, you’ll also receive regular educational videos too. Whats more you can have your workout & nutrition plan on your phone via the app to take with you wherever you may be.

Coaching philosophy

My approach to coaching

My philosophy is simple. When you’re looking to make a change exercise faith, patience and positivity. My personal mission has been to help people ‘lift weights and their spirits’. In a world that is as fast as it is slowing down, being ‘selfish’ and concentrating on yourself is the best investment you can make. One that will positively impact all areas of your life. I want to help you wear a smile on your face every day, not have to question what you should be eating (while educating you along the way) and be there to celebrate your wins when you accomplish them, and you will accomplish them. What waits for you is ultra-convenient personalised PT I am here to help you every step of the way.


Alex Marks

Alex recognised his passion for helping others achieve their physical potential during his time studying Physical Education at Leeds Carnegie University. Formerly a Divisional Health and Fitness manager at one of the UK’s largest commercial gyms Alex moved to a private studio in the heart of south west London. Seven years later, after having honed his skill set with commuter and pre and post-natal clients, he bought that same studio and re branded it OYM (On Your Marks) where he hosts a team of self-employed Personal Trainers, Post-Partum and transformation clients.

Pre and Post Natal Qualified he has helped women regain body confidence and achieve peak physical condition post childbirth throughout the course of his 11-year career; even if, by his own words a he is ‘a few organs short from being fully qualified’. 

Recognised as a multi brand ambassador boasting lululemon athletica he has a firm footing the health, fitness and wellness sectors. Alex continues to be featured in Women’s Health UK Magazine, other leading online publications and is a regular guest speaker on wellness and fitness panels.

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